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        What is intelligent capacitor

        release time:2020-07-27 05:34:55source:Wuxi Xirong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Click:1198

        Intelligent capacitor is based on self-healing low-voltage power capacitor as the main body, intelligent measurement and control processor as the control center, using micro electronic software and hardware technology to achieve zero crossing control of thyristor, delay switching of mechanical magnetic latching relay contact, and zero crossing switching technology of mechanical magnetic latching relay and thyristor compound switch circuit Power factor compensation is carried out for 0.4kV low voltage line.  The intelligent capacitor integrates sensing technology, network technology and the latest electrical technology, and combines them into intelligent, miniaturization and networking. Compared with the traditional low-voltage reactive power compensation products, its operation is simpler, the interface is more intuitive, there is no professional requirements for users, and it has automatic cycle switching; three-phase compensation, split phase compensation, mixed compensation, hierarchical optimization compensation, mixed level optimization compensation; over-current / over-voltage / under voltage / under current, loss of voltage, phase loss, harmonic, temperature protection; measurement, control, and other protection Communication and other functions.  The structure of intelligent capacitor breaks through the existing low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment, realizes the new mode of decentralized control and centralized management; the compensation system has the characteristics of less devices, small temperature rise, small volume, small power consumption, anti harmonic; simple structure, easy to realize standardization, standardization, flexible configuration of capacity, safety, reliability, economy, easy to use, etc. The active power of distribution transformer is increased, the investment of capacity increase is reduced, and the loss of compensation system is reduced. The real-time switching of decentralized control increases the stability of the compensation system. Zero crossing control reduces the impact of inrush current on the system voltage. It is of great significance to stabilize the system power grid, reduce equipment loss and improve the service life of capacitors, and is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection.

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